Hello beautiful people!

My name is Latrell Jeon! I'm a freelance photographer based here in Stone Mountain, GA serving surrounding Atlanta cities. Sown in Savannah, grown in South Carolina and replanted near Atlanta, I have found love in finding hidden gems in these areas and capturing human life and season.

I have always had a love for cameras! Some of my favorite memories highlight cameras given to me by the most important women in my life. When I was younger, my grandmother gifted me a pink and grey polaroid (you know the kind that prints your picture from a click). Hands down the best camera I ever owned and a core memory. As a teenager, my mother gifted me with my first digital camera and photo printer. I would sit in my room all day just taking pictures and printing them out to make collages/albums. I set my hobbies aside for college and entered the corporate world, married my husband and had three beautiful boys! Those boys are the reason I picked the camera back up.

Becoming a mother magnified the importance of making memories for me. I will always appreciate the family photos hanging on my paternal grandmother's walls and the large photo albums filled with polaroids prints at my my maternal grandmother's house. Memories have and always will hold importance place for me. I found love in providing for others what I love providing for myself.. making memories. So now I am on a mission is to build connections, share the beauty of art and provide a lifetime of memories. Let's tell a story of time!